Your “CRA My Account” and something to do

You’re signing in to “My Account” to check to see if you have uncashed cheques

or to apply for the Canada Emergency Response Benefit (CERB)

While you’re in your account, go to “Authorized Representatives”

I just had a call from a lady who didn’t give me her name (and forgot she has her CID set up – not that it mattered since I didn’t recognize it) and wanted to know who “McHamiLast Consulting” is and what ceascape does. I gave her a run-down, thinking she’d seen my spiffy new sign. No – she’d gone in to her account, and was exploring it, never having done this before. She clicked on the representatives and saw a name she didn’t recognize so she called the number listed.

I asked her if she ever dealt with the Kemp Harvey Group, and yes, Kemp Harvey Goodison was listed. I explained that KH Burnaby had become McHamiLast under the terms of my (now not so) recent change. So if she only ever dealt with Kemp Harvey Goodison, she can safely delete them all as we’re all no longer there.

For her to have dealt only with Goodison meant that authorization has been there for over a decade.

It isn’t up to the accounting firm to delete the authorization. It’s up to you. Once you move on to a new firm, you need to log in and click on the old rep, then hit delete. Your old accountant doesn’t need to be authorized and you should always know who *is* authorized. Nobody should be sitting with a decades old rep, especially when you haven’t seen them in awhile. Or a decade. Because if you had, you’d know that we had all retired.

Well, sort of.

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