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First day of CERB – What to expect

So first, you log in to your CRA account.  Hopefully you have an account. Second, this indicates that you lost income for reasons related to COVID19 but the information we originally got said it was to do with being sick or looking after someone who is sick. Third: But isn’t it nice that they finalize […]

A Little Tech Talk

We’ve run our own server for year. In fact, so many years I can’t remember not having a home server. It was great for the family to use as a file server and then we grew into more networking and eventually web hosing ( ). With our own web server we could do whatever […]


One of the harder things about working from home is getting yourself motivated to do actual work.  You know – the “being a productive member of society” stuff, not the cleaning the kitchen or making cookies stuff.  My biggest challenge is procrastination.  One day I’ll be a great procrastinator but I’m procrastinating about declaring that.  […]

The Jumping Off Point

How do you decide you’re ready?  You’ve given up your career because children are important but they are in school so you want to do something while there is time in the day?  You’re tired of having a boss and want to strike out on your own?  You’re newly retired and want to spread your […]