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A Little Tech Talk

We’ve run our own server for year. In fact, so many years I can’t remember not having a home server. It was great for the family to use as a file server and then we grew into more networking and eventually web hosing ( ). With our own web server we could do whatever […]

What makes a good customer?

What makes a good customer? I think it differs in specific terms from industry to industry but in broad terms I think there are commonalities. In a recent conversation, I noted that a good customer isn’t just defined by someone who pays their bill. That’s nice, but it isn’t the crux of it. A good […]

Financial statements – the good, bad and ugly

The financial statements are a written record of the operations of a business at a specific point in time. Usually for a small to medium enterprise (SME) this is a year end. In British Columbia, every company is charged with having such a record prepared. ( Part 6 of the British Columbia Business Corporations Act […]

Spring in MetVan – Trade Show Time

We were at the Ridge Meadows Home Show last night. I have to give these guys kudos. This Home Show has really grown and is attracting more and more businesses, not just in the Valley. Jokingly I remarked it cost us $4 to get in and $400 to get out. As we walked around inside […]