CVITP in tax season

Income tax cloud

It’s another Saturday in tax time, and that, of course means work. Tax season for me starts January 4 and goes until April 30 (the filing deadline for most Canadian T1 tax returns), with a subset to June 15. June 15 is the filing deadline for those Canadians with self-employed and those US citizens who […]

2020 comes to a close

Saying 2020 has been an “interesting” year has become a bit of a cliché. And that phrase is much like the curse: “May you live in interesting times”. One thing that has been both a blessing and a curse is working from home. Personally, I enjoy the quiet as it gives my aging brain time […]

Incorporating Your problems – Keep this in mind (Last Part 4 of 4)

Continuing on from the previous 3 posts, same caveat. This is the final chapter. Some people incorporate thinking that “they” (whoever “they” is) won’t be able to touch their assets. Keep in mind that the courts have, in the past, pierced the “corporate veil”. Incorporating to hide assets doesn’t always work. Some people incorporate thinking […]

Incorporating Your Problems – Part 3 of 4 – Taxation.

Still the same disclaimer as Part 1. First point: Corporations pay tax. Second point: CORPORATIONS PAY TAX I don’t care that your landscaper or sanitation engineer told you if you incorporate you won’t pay tax. Someone, somewhere will pay the tax. And if you have a bunch of losses in the corporation that you can’t […]

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