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Financial statements – the good, bad and ugly

The financial statements are a written record of the operations of a business at a specific point in time. Usually for a small to medium enterprise (SME) this is a year end. In British Columbia, every company is charged with having such a record prepared. ( Part 6 of the British Columbia Business Corporations Act […]

Tax Preparation – what else is there to say?

Of the many things I do, Canadian Tax Preparation is the one I’ve done the longest.  I started doing tax returns for me and family in the 70’s, which led to being paid to do it in the 80’s.  But the time we hit the 90’s I had forgotten that it doesn’t come easily for […]

Tax Time & a New Leaf

Until last year, tax time was seven long days a week, from January to April. Nobody dared talk to me and it had been that way since before I became a partner at the Kemp Harvey Group. But this year – for the first time in decades – I find I can do things. I […]