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A New Year and 2020 vision

Wouldn’t it be great if we could look forward and just see where all the business pitfalls would happen? Wouldn’t it be great if we knew someone would be ill and we could adjust staffing accordingly? What if we could see that what looked like a golden opportunity was really going to be a big […]

What makes a good customer?

What makes a good customer? I think it differs in specific terms from industry to industry but in broad terms I think there are commonalities. In a recent conversation, I noted that a good customer isn’t just defined by someone who pays their bill. That’s nice, but it isn’t the crux of it. A good […]

Really, what don’t I do

I did not know that the CVITP would send these out. And sure they’re a bit cheezy. I guess one has to be careful of colloquialisms, but really, cheezy is the word that describes it. I have a post on volunteering to put up – but thought I’d put this first. We – people – […]

Spring in MetVan – Trade Show Time

We were at the Ridge Meadows Home Show last night. I have to give these guys kudos. This Home Show has really grown and is attracting more and more businesses, not just in the Valley. Jokingly I remarked it cost us $4 to get in and $400 to get out. As we walked around inside […]