A note about the current epidemic

To my clients

It’s a crappy time, that’s for sure.  Many of you are holed up somewhere wondering when life will get back to normal.

And it is so bad that Canada Revenue Agency (CRA) is extending the filing deadline. https://nationalpost.com/news/politics/government-extends-tax-deadline-to-june-1-amidst-covid-19-outbreak

Please be aware that while CRA may extend the filing deadline, I am not.  Starting May 1, I am back on regular people hours.  You are welcome to file after April 30, however, but my intake hours are reduced.

However, for those of you who want to get this annoying necessity of life, you do not physically have to come see me. 

I can send you an encrypted link to send me your documents safely.


You can drop them off at my door (but make sure I know – don’t just run off).  I promise I won’t shake your hand.


If you have no non-reported slips, I can probably get a lot of information on the phone.  We can have a video conference or telephone call to discuss what I have and what you can just take a picture of and text me.

Either way, the more we can do before April 30 while I’m still on “tax time” hours the better.  Start with a phone call or email.  Let’s make that first step.  And meantime, you know the drill: wash your hands, social distancing, and self-isolate where necessary.  Stay safe. 

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