A New Year and 2020 vision

Wouldn’t it be great if we could look forward and just see where all the business pitfalls would happen? Wouldn’t it be great if we knew someone would be ill and we could adjust staffing accordingly? What if we could see that what looked like a golden opportunity was really going to be a big pain?

If only life worked that way.

The past few months have found my husband with finally being called for a surgery after an 11 month wait. And that was right after we decided to relocate from Langley to Pitt Meadows. Yes, it’s just crossing the river but it means that I am the one doing most of the maneuvers. What it takes to do this is a lot of pre-planning and a lot of letting things go.

For me, this meant that opportunities came along in these past couple of months to which I had to say “No”. Hindsight being “2020” means I can see now they weren’t the kind of opportunities that were aligned with my current business model. That’s a nice way of saying I didn’t get the “warm fuzzies”. It’s fortunate that I can be confident now to say “No” and stick with it. When we are starting a business, it’s hard to say no and that can get us into situations which are uncomfortable and hard to manage.

That can also lead to situations where employees get sick, or do the new “ghosting” thing, where they just don’t show up. I’ve had that happen in my industry where I’ve bid on a big project and thought how great this will be because it will really help the cash flow. And then I “peek behind the curtain” and find that it really wasn’t a great idea after all and it culminates with finding I haven’t got the staffing for it. The life lesson is learning how to gracefully and professionally finish the job, how to find that much needed staffing and how to say “NO” the next time something similar comes along.

And maybe learning to say “NO” is a lesson all on its own, both in business and in life.

I hope everyone had a great celebration these last couple of weeks and I wish you all the best for the new year, hoping your “2020” vision helps you to adjust accordingly.

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