Really, what don’t I do

I did not know that the CVITP would send these out. And sure they’re a bit cheezy. I guess one has to be careful of colloquialisms, but really, cheezy is the word that describes it. I have a post on volunteering to put up – but thought I’d put this first. We – people – well I – don’t volunteer for the glory. I volunteer because it feels good to help people move forward. I volunteered for the CVITP because it takes me 5 minutes to do what takes other people hours. I volunteered for CVITP because I have experience that will help people get ahead. What I got was intense gratitude for the grace I’ve received. I gained perspective on other people’s lives. I learned that people adapt the best they can and hope is a huge part for many people as they look to give their children a better life. And really who doesn’t want their child to be a step ahead?

I am grateful that Immigration Services gave me the opportunity to open my eyes. They gave me far more than I gave them. But they also gave me this – and it may be cheezy, but it’s cool 😉

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