The Price of Learning

We had a server here at home. We host a few websites using a couple of platforms. These are mostly personal and, like this one, the main goal is to learn, to test software so we can make client recommendations, to keep a bit of control over it and to get some knowledge about this aspect of IT.

And then the BSOD happened. If you have never experienced the “Blue Screen of Death” then you can disregard this. But if you have, you are probably nodding in sympathy.

Yes, it is probably RAM gone bad – and we all know what happens when good RAM goes bad: smoking, drinking, foul language (mostly from me) – it’s never pretty. Frankly we just got tired of trying different things. So we have now put in a small, elderly PC to do the hosting. The websites were offline for a couple of weeks while we figured out what to do. I know, nobody else really noticed – but I noticed and it was annoying for me. Annoying in that I can never remember my fax # and that’s what I use the website for. You can fax me if you like and make me think someone out there is reading this. But I digress…..

Technology is still new. We didn’t always have it and it is so quickly that we have gotten used to it. It isn’t perfect. And friends keep telling me to stop self-hosting and pay someone to do this. But how would I learn that Apache had deprecated some of its coding? Now I know. And how would I have found an awesome little DNS product called SimpleDNS?

So it continues to be useful for learning, and I apologize if my hiatus was so unnerving you had to shut off your own computer and go play someplace warm and sunny. You can return to the frozen tundra of the Lower Mainland now.

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