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Professional Development or PD. Continuing Professional Development or Education (CPD, CPE). Any way you call it, you are going to try and stuff new knowledge sometimes into a not so new brain. The University of Nicosia (UNIC) is one of the many Universities offering a course here or there for free. And if you look around, you will find there are lots of them.

For those of us who love learning for the sake of learning, this is like the heavens opening up. So much to learn in our short time on earth. What intrigued me about the UNIC course is that it is one of the few programs on digital currency to offer a Masters degree, and the free course is a fully credited certificate course.

What interests me most about this is the topic – another new industry. My first business seemed to have tapped out for anything other than “self-made” change. There were changes to the Income Tax Act and changes to Accounting Standards, but one wonders if those changes were for the sake of change alone.

Cryptocurrency has a whole variety of things that go with it, such as valuation, reporting, taxation, and practical use in every day life. I don’t think Safeway is ready to take Ethereum yet but I wonder what it will take to get there. And one of the first articles for this new class points out that Blockchain could change not only banking, but also investing, internet advertising, car lease and sales, music and entertainment rights and other Intellectual property and one that really appeals to me: voting.

It is such a challenge to get people to vote that many people have kicked around how to introduce e-voting. Can Blockchain be the solution?

With all the challenges in life, all the changes that we see in our lives, I hope in my lifetime I see people become more engaged in their community and their governance. I hope Blockchain will move us to a place where people will want to vote again. So onward and upward. Let’s look for some of that free knowledge and see what else is out there. How about you? Have you found any great free learning that has excited you? Let me know on twitter or Facebook. I’d love to hear about it.

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