New Year, New Start

What is is about January 1 – the start of a new year, but really just another day on the calendar – that always seems so fresh? So hopeful! So full of possibilities. It is an just a day on the calendar that looks good for telling the world I’ve started a new chapter.

So if we are picking arbitrary dates, then today I am ramping up this new venture. I have let former clients know, at least those that are on social media, and I have sent out some feelers for some new clients.

And what is it I’m doing? I have always been told: be a steward and be of service. Both of these, it turns out, are hard work. Caring and being responsible – the being a steward part – requires thoughtfulness about everything I do. Now confession: I am not the world’s best recycle-er (is that even a word?). Thank goodness I have this great partner, B, who is fabulous at sorting and putting into bags and getting things to the right place and going to the recycling plants in parts of the lower mainland. I’m not even going to say what I do – good thing we’re not all relying on me to save the planet.

But being of service is something I do care about. How can I help? What is it I can contribute to keep myself engaged and to assist in moving things forward? I had a client in earlier this year who I noticed had reached 65 and would qualify for the GIS, but wasn’t getting it. I sent the government a form and weeks later got a letter from the client thanking me for the $6000 they received from the government. What I’m curious about is why nobody mentioned the GIS previously since the person had a number of government and other agencies who knew the circumstances. Regardless, that’s the kind of service that makes me feel like a contributing member of society.

So where do you see your service opportunities? What do you do when you see those doors open? Are you on the lookout for them? Or maybe you’re at a juncture, like my client, where you need someone to be of service to you. January 1 is a good time to say “I’m here for you. Let’s figure it out together” May your 2019 be successful and inspiring.

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