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  • Accounts are due when rendered. Unfortunately, I am not in the position to offer financing and this includes credit. I accept cheques, cash, etransfer, and Visa and MasterCard in person. Returned cheques are subject to a $45 fee to cover time and charges for recovery. If you have an outstanding balance at the time monthly statements are issued, there will be a semi-monthly statement charge equal to 1.25% of the total outstanding balance.
  • If you require an estimate as to what you require, please be sure to be specific so you will not be surprised when invoiced for work done, but not included in the estimate.
  • Please note that accounts must be paid in full before any compliance item can be filed. Please be aware that just because you have signed your return, it may not be filed if you have an outstanding balance. You are responsible for any penalties and interest due to unfiled returns caused by outstanding accounts.
  • Any accounts outstanding for more than 15 days are subject to a hold on further work until the account has been paid in full, without exception.
  • With tax returns, generally it is my policy to give you back documents used in the preparation of preparing your return once your account is settled. In addition, I generally give you a cover letter and T1 jacket and the most popular schedules. For the majority of my clients, that is all they want as they endeavor to keep their return cost to a minimum. If you would like more details, specific schedules or the entire return, please tell us in advance. I would be more than happy to print off more detail and the additional pages will be reflected slightly in your return. The standard photocopy charges may apply for schedules requested after your return has been printed and filed
  • I no longer offer summary returns.
  • I now offer an electronic return option.  The password will be the last six digits of your SIN.  You will need to let me know BEFORE I do the intake and complete an authorization form to confirm the email address.  You will NOT get a paper return with this option.
  • With Consulting or other work, I invoice shortly after mid-month.  It is expected your account will be settled before I continue.  This is to ensure that you have looked at any documents provided in order to give us feedback and to encourage a conversation about your information.
  • A retainer in the amount of the expected fee is required for all work unless previous arrangements have been made.


  • While I try to make office appointments at your convenience, there are times when extraneous factors interfere. It is always appreciated if you confirm your appointment, or let us know if you need to reschedule
  • I am happy to come to your home or office at a mutually convenient time. Please note, however, that while I endeavor to do my utmost to arrive at the designated time, all outcall appointment times are subject to a plus/minus half-hour leeway – that is, I reserve the right to show up somewhere within the half hour either side of your appointment time. Unfortunately, I cannot always predict things like traffic, or office calls.  Additionally, any appointment outside my regular hours of Monday to Thursday, 9am-4pm, may be charged travel.