Tax season 2024

The 2023 tax filing season is upon us and there are a few things to note:

I am taking appointments 6 days a week until the end of April. Please call, text, fax or email to set up either a virtual meeting or in-person if you need that.

If you don’t need in-person, I can send you a safe portal link to upload your documents. If you are using the portal, you are welcome to piecemeal the uploads but please let me know once everything is there and I can start the preparation.

By next week you should receive my usual handy pre-season letters. Please note, CRA will not open for filing until February 29, 2024 so no need to panic until then.

If you are on title of someone else’s real property (hint: did you co-sign a child’s mortgage and the bank said you had to be on title?) then talk with me really quick – you may have a different filing deadline.

There’s a new BC renter’s credit that will require the landlord’s name – which means if you are renting out property make sure you are declaring this.

In the medical community? Trades person? Still working from home? Simiplified GST registrant? Starting a home savings account? Make sure to talk with me about this before taxes are filed.

Have I missed anything? Please don’t hesitate to let me know. It’s better if we work as a team.