A Benchmark Day

Five years ago, I bit the bullet and decided to “retire”.  Well, “semi-retire” because we all know I didn’t actually end up doing nothing.  And this carried with it a 5-year black out period. For the first couple of years, I began helping businesses grow, nurturing and hand holding.  And a lot of bookkeeping and walking people through the necessities of self-employment.  Then COVID, and cancer, and now I’m really grateful for those people who stuck through it all with me.

I’m reflecting on the last 5 years, and what the next few will bring.  I’m hoping to do more coaching, more direct engagement. 

So, stepping into this post-post retirement I look for the doors that are opening and for new opportunities, but also to stay in my less stressful lifestyle. 

Sometimes it is hard to see where one has thrived during adversity, but if it is the painful times that provide us with growth, then I have truly grown enormously during these last few years.

Onward, upward, and what are your challenges?