Monthly Archives: April 2020

Your “CRA My Account” and something to do

You’re signing in to “My Account” to check to see if you have uncashed cheques or to apply for the Canada Emergency Response Benefit (CERB) While you’re in your account, go to “Authorized Representatives” I just had a call from a lady who didn’t give me her name (and forgot she has her CID set […]

First day of CERB – What to expect

So first, you log in to your CRA account.  Hopefully you have an account. Second, this indicates that you lost income for reasons related to COVID19 but the information we originally got said it was to do with being sick or looking after someone who is sick. Third: But isn’t it nice that they finalize […]

Applying for Relief & Some Dates to Know

For small business in general: Canada Emergency Business Account (CEBA) – call your bank and apply.  They have details. Call the BDC and apply for a loan & With employees: Apply for the wage subsidy by applying through your “My Business account” If your business hasn’t dropped off, you can still do the 10% […]