Monthly Archives: March 2020

Financial relief during the COVID19 pandemic

I sent this to my clients yesterday, but I’ll update it for everyone. It’s important to know this is my understanding only and I will change this post as I find out new information. There is a lot out there and it is hard to sift through it all. Here are the resources I’ve come […]

A note about the current epidemic

To my clients It’s a crappy time, that’s for sure.  Many of you are holed up somewhere wondering when life will get back to normal. And it is so bad that Canada Revenue Agency (CRA) is extending the filing deadline. Please be aware that while CRA may extend the filing deadline, I am not.  […]

The problem with condominium (strata) ownership

As noted in my last post, we recently moved out of strata living to a freehold house. I should first point out that while the rest of the country has some form of Condominium home ownership law, in British Columbia, densified housing ownership may be governed by the Strata Property Act. In BC, we refer […]