One of the harder things about working from home is getting yourself motivated to do actual work.  You know – the “being a productive member of society” stuff, not the cleaning the kitchen or making cookies stuff.  My biggest challenge is procrastination.  One day I’ll be a great procrastinator but I’m procrastinating about declaring that.  I am learning to develop structure around being at home.  I am setting times to get things done – like some for of exercise in the morning and making the bed.  At the end of the day I am working at making my “goal” list for the next day.  When I took that Observational Behaviour course (3 times) that Uni makes us do I learned about MBWA (google it) and about making positive statements for motivating staff.  I learned that saying to someone “hey if you could please get the bank reconciled by 2 hours from now” is more productive than saying “if you don’t get that bank reconciliation done you’ll be fired”.

I need to learn to tell myself those things – those positive goals so I get out of bed and don’t sit in my PJ’s all day more than one day every other month.

And where do my daily lists come from?  They come from that all important business plan.  My business plan tells me what I need to do to succeed.  Sometimes it is daunting, but I only have to break it down to one day, one hour at a time.  I don’t have to do the whole thing right now.  At the end of the day I have that feeling of a job well done. 

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