How this got started

After forty years in accounting, most of it in public practice, I had the opportunity to turn the reins over at the Burnaby office of the Kemp Harvey Group.  I had been a partner for about a decade and had fine tuned that business.  So when the chance came up to take a less active role, I began to think about all I have learned in all these years.

I’m still okay doing bookkeeping at home in Langley, but I have such a wealth of other experience.  I’ve helped people get their businesses off the ground, assisted in writing business plans, moved people toward financing, held hands when children didn’t quite do what we wanted and we had to look at how to protect assets, worked with people getting divorced – in short, there’s a lot of both business and non-business accounting.

I always say: “People tell their doctor their medical problems, they tell their lawyer their legal problems, but they tell their accountant everything”.  So let’s see how we can put that to your benefit.

~Cynthia (aka Grandma Cea)

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